Our end goal is simple – to offer you the most appropriate sliding door system for you at the best price.

Aesthetic and practical considerations will both form part of the decision-making process on which doors may work best for you, and we pride ourselves on presenting our customers with a range of options and the supporting information to make their decisions.

As well as the design related elements, from an early stage we’ll discuss with you glass options, and what are the key factors to consider that can affect the overall cost of your doors.

Product range

Ultra-Slide – RS20 Slim Sliding Doors

Our slimmest sliding door system, with Ultra-slim 20mm sightlines where the panels meet.

Premium Sliding Doors
Supreme-Slide – RS25 Premium Sliding Doors

A beautiful slim-framed sliding door system, but one which can offer very large panels up to 4 metres wide or 4 metres tall.

Classic-Slide sliding door – RS50
Classic-Slide – RS47 Sliding Doors

The RS47 is a well engineered, flexible and cost effective sliding door solution that helps link external and internal areas in your home.

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