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Ultra-Slide – RS20 Slim Sliding Doors

Our slimmest sliding door system, with Ultra-slim 20mm sightlines where the panels meet.

Premium Sliding Doors
Supreme-Slide – RS25 Premium Sliding Doors

A beautiful slim-framed sliding door system, but one which can offer very large panels up to 4 metres wide or 4 metres tall.

Classic-Slide sliding door – RS50
Classic-Slide – RS47 Sliding Doors

The RS47 is a well engineered, flexible and cost effective sliding door solution that helps link external and internal areas in your home.

Classic-Fold slim profile Bifold doors – RF1200
Classic-Fold – RF1200 Slim Bifold Doors

Our next generation Classic-Fold RF1200 slim profile bifold doors transform a room – flooding it with light, and making it feel bigger, brighter and more beautiful.

Classic Slim RF1200 Single Door

Classic slim profile RF1200 single doors are an elegant solution to getting in and out of your home.

Classic Slim RF1200 French Door

Classic slim profile RF1200 French doors offer the opportunity to open up rooms and effortlessly link internal and external social spaces.

Oversize French and Single Doors

On some projects, the location or application calls for a door that is wider than a traditional door. In such situations, our stunning Millennium PLUS oversize door can be the perfect answer.

Pivot Doors

The new Millennium PLUS pivot door responds to the latest design trends. The system is designed to fill large openings, and offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Casement Windows

Our stunning slim profile outward opening Casement window system is the first choice option for homeowners, architects and builders.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Renka’s Hidden Sash window is an inward opening tilt and turn window which has a concealed frame profile to give it an ultra clean appearance.

Oversize Casement Windows

Our stunning slim profile outward opening Casement window system is the first choice option for homeowners, architects and builders.

Structural glazing

Structural glazing is a bespoke option available to Renka customers to create a stunning addition to any project.

Fixed and Shaped Windows

Fixed and shaped windows are often used on a project to create dramatic visual focal points and improve the look and feel of a room or area.

Oriel Windows

Frameless “floating” box windows that project from a property and create an ideal location for window seats and book nooks

Structurally Glazed and Wraparound Rooflights

Visually frameless glazing that can maximise the light coming into your home and can allow vertical and roof glazing to seamlessly combine at a glass to glass corner

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall offers the ability to glaze very large or tall areas – sometimes whole elevations or facades - with full height glass.

AL47 Heritage External French and Single Doors

Echoing the design features and styling of traditional steel doors, Renka’s stunning slim profile Heritage French and single doors combine timeless style and contemporary performance.

Glass to Glass Corner Windows

A feature where 2 elevations of a building meet at a frameless glass to glass corner, to deliver views which are unobstructed by structural corner posts.

Heritage-style Internal Glazing

Renka’s Heritage-style Internal Door and fixed glazing system is the ideal product for creating bespoke glazed interior partitions or dividers to separate spaces whilst maintaining optimum levels of natural light and an open-plan living aesthetic.

AL47 Heritage External Windows

To complement Renka’s stunning slim profile Heritage French and single doors, we also offer a beautiful matching window system.

Supreme-slide – Heritage-style RS25 Sliding Doors

As a beautiful addition to our Heritage-style glazing range, we can now offer large sets of our Premium-Slide RS25 slim profile sliding doors with internal glazing bars and externally and internally applied astragal bar. These doors can fill the largest of apertures with a dramatic heritage-inspired look.

Aspekt Flat Rooflights

Single section rooflights of up to 3 square metres to sit on flat roofs. When you look up, all you see is light.

Aspekt Pitched Rooflights

For use in pitched slate or standing seam roofs. Up to 3 square metres of uninterrupted glazing. Available with or without perimeter gutter profiles depending on site conditions.

Aspekt Monopitch

A solution for fully glazed roof sections. Available as single or dual pitch, and with the opportunity to incorporate electrically openable sashes.

Aspekt Multi-section Rooflights

Larger rooflights, where their size requires the use of multiple glass units. Depending on site conditions, the meeting points of the different glass units can be silicon-sealed, or supported with structural glass fins or steel bars.

Aspekt Lantern Rooflights

For those looking for a more traditional appearance, many customers opt for an Aspekt lantern on their flat roof. These offer a traditional double hipped appearance with an apex in the centre of the rooflight.

Aspekt Open – Electrically Openable Flat and Pitched Rooflights

Openable flat or pitched rooflights, operated by an on/off rocker switch or hand transmitter, with or without rainfall and temperature sensors.

Aspekt Structurally-glazed Roofs

The sky’s the limit as to what can be achieved! Slim perimeter profiles are used to create visually frameless roofs, or to allow the seamless meeting of vertical and roof glazing.

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

Renka offer a range of high quality sectional garage doors from Hormann that sit superbly next to our statement entrance doors.

Statement Entrance Doors

Renka’s statement entrance doors offer head turning design and exceptional quality.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Whether surrounding balcony or decking areas or serving as a juliet balcony for first and second floor glazing, Renka’s glass balustrades combine beauty and practicality