Renka – RRL Flat

Creating the illusion of open roof space, the minimalistic external and internal sightlines of our flat rooflights create a sleek, modern appearance and are a stunning addition to any home extension.

 Renka flat rooflights are designed to be fitted on a kerb / upstand housed within a flat roof. Whilst they’re called “flat” they actually sit at an angle of 4 to 5 degrees to allow the run off of water. Whilst our Flat rooflights are normally specified “fixed” (non opening), there is the option to upgrade to an electrically openable rooflight with rain and temperature sensors.

 Our high-performance skylights are available in double and triple glazed configuration with 6mm or 8mm toughened clear glass, with an option for solar control glass. The units are high-quality, low-maintenance and provide exceptional heat insulation, light transmission and noise reduction.

 Single pane flat rooflights are available in sizes up to 2.4 metres by 1.2 metres. Sizes above this are likely to require splits which are structurally supported by either steel bars, or laminated structural glass fins (at an additional cost). The size of a flat roof can be very significant if you’re looking to bring light into a wide or deep room – the configuration of this in terms of number of panes will be determined by a combination of design / aesthetic considerations and structural / load bearing requirements.

 The Renka Flat Rooflight is the ultimate glazed flat rooflight designed to bring the maximum light into any home.

RRL Flat Facts and Technical Details

Elegant flat rooflight solution

Possible to conceal framing internally

Double or triple glazed options

Solar control glass available

Single sashes of up to 2.4 metres by 1.2 metres

Electrically openable option with temperature and rain sensors

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