Transform your property with our range of sliding doors.

Our range of stunning Sliding Doors provides the opportunity to deliver the dramatic centrepiece for your project. Whether you’re looking for a compact and contemporary sliding door, huge expanses of glass moved by a state-of-the-art effortless slide mechanism, or space enhancing moving corners – we have the right sliding door for you.

Choosing the best sliding door for you

Choosing the best sliding door for you can be the most important decision about the glazing on your project. So often the largest and most dramatic of the glazed features, the sliding door helps introduce light into the house and is a vital part of enabling the flow between internal and external social areas.

Deciding on the best door system for you will often involve us understanding what areas are going to be inside and outside the doors to determine how many panels the doors should have, and which of these should have the ability to move.

Our end goal is simple

– to offer you the most appropriate sliding door system for you at the best price.

Aesthetic and practical considerations will both form part of the decision-making process on which doors may work best for you, and we pride ourselves on presenting our customers with a range of options and the supporting information to make their decisions.

As well as the design related elements, from an early stage we’ll be discussing with you the practicalities of glass options, the weight of glass panels and how to bring them to the point of installation. We’ll also be open with you about what options there may be to manage or reduce the costs of the glazed items on your project.

Renka sliding doors product range


A premium lift and slide system, offering an ultra smooth glide and the ability to lock the doors at any point along the track.


A slim profile and cost-effective in-line patio sliding door system that can offer a slim 35mm sightline where the panels meet (up to a maximum height of 2.2 metres).


This stunning contemporary sliding door system offers our slimmest available sightline of 20mm, in a proven high-quality sliding door.


The impossible just became possible – a system that can support panels up to 4 metres high and 4 metres wide with a slim sightline.


HiFinity’s aluminium sliding patio doors have been cleverly designed so that the outer frame can be concealed behind the surrounding wall.

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Folding sliding doors

Our process -
Understanding, Communications and project support

Understanding your requirements

We’ve designed our processes to ensure that working with Renka could not be easier. As soon as we receive your plans (or detail of your requirements) we’ll identify which products are most appropriate to deliver your vision.

Clear communication

The quote that you receive from us will be clear and concise and will avoid the use of overly technical terminology. We will include the costings for any different product or configuration options and will include detail on the system(s) that we’re recommending. As a matter of course, we will also look to identify for you any design or other considerations that may affect the practicality or cost of the design.

Advice and project support

From this point, our in-house team of consultants and surveyors are here to answer any questions that you, your builder or architect may have and help you get to the position that you’re clear on what products you want.

We understand that project planning can be a long and reiterative process as building control, technical, aesthetic and budgetary considerations need to be worked through. Renka are here to help you throughout this process.

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