The aesthetically beautiful Hifinity sliding door redefines the standard for sliding doors, with up to 99% of the visible area as glass.

Offering slim 35mm sightlines whatever the size of the doors, the system is designed to allow the outer frame to be concealed as part of the build. Although the visual sightlines are minimal, the strength created by bonding the aluminium directly to the glass allows the Hifinity to move huge glass panes of up to 300kg. The motorised automated Hifinity option opens up even more amazing possibilities, moving panels of up to 750Kg.

Even the largest Hifinity sliding door looks sleek, light, and airy. Indoors and outdoors appear to merge into one, creating an infinite view.

Attention to detail flows through the overall design of the Hifinity system – from the slim, elegant and minimalistic handle to the soft-touch electronic release lock and the custom-designed integral drain option on the outer face of the doors.

The system also offers a stunning moving corner solution that makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element, and has an innovative pocket door option.

Hifinity facts

Made in the UK

Electronic locking as standard

Slim 35mm sightline

Sash weights of up to 300Kg (manual) or 750Kg (automated).

Supports huge movable glass panels up to 5m x 3m

uValues achievable of as low as 0.75

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