The breathtaking RS25 redefines what can be achieved with sliding doors – offering maximum panels of up to 4 metres wide and 4 metres high. The system offers both manual and motorised variants which can move panels of up to 400Kg (manual) or 700Kg (motorised).

Despite the huge panels that the RS25 can support, the system has a stunningly slim 25mm sightline. When you combine this with the system’s ability to conceal the outer framing as part of the build, capability to create a virtually uninterrupted glass vista.

 As well as offering 2, 3, 4 and 6 panel variants, the RS25 can support moving corner and pocket door applications.

RS-25 Facts and Technical Details

25mm sightline

Panels up to 4 meters high

Manual moving panels up to 400kg

Motorised option up to 700kg

Moving corner and pocket door options

Wide range of RAL colours

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