Installation costs

  • Installation costs are subject to good access to transfer frames and glazed units to the point of installation.
  • No allowance has been made for the provision of mechanical or powered lifting equipment unless explicitly stated. Please be aware that as well as the size and weight of glazed units, site access will also affect when lifting equipment may be required, and this can only be finally confirmed at site survey.
  • Please discuss with our surveyor at the site survey whether / what lifting equipment is necessary. It is the responsibility of the client to provide and pay for such lifting equipment.
  • Generally, a quoted installation cost includes transport of goods to site (including by specialist transport if required), one technical site survey, provision of any technical drawings required, and liaison with architects, builders and any other relevant contractors. Installation is by fully qualified and trained renka fitters.
    If the site / apertures are not ready for measurement when we attend site for site survey, subsequent site survey visits may be chargeable.
  • Please be aware that where installing products above ground floor level, safe access / working platforms must be provided. It is the responsibility of the client to provide this. The specific requirements for safe working platforms should be discussed with renka.
  • Unless otherwise advised by renka, the installation of rooflights will require scaffolding.
  • If your project involves the use of shaped frames, our surveyor may request that a template, provided by your contractors, be produced to support the production of the frames and glass units.

Quote Information

  • All prices include powder coating and all standard door or window hardware.
  • Any sprayed paint colour samples provided during discussions concerning our quote are intended solely as a guide to the approximate shade of the RAL colour detailed, and are provided to allow you to view the approximate shade in natural light and against the external fabric of your property. They should NOT be assumed to be an exact representation of the colour of powder coated manufactured aluminium products.
  • The drawings on the quotation may not resemble the actual look, size or proportions of the product – they are merely a graphical explanation of the configuration.
  • All making good works are the responsibility of the customer / their contractor. Renka’s only responsibility is to supply and fit the goods ordered by the customer into correctly prepared openings. Renka are unable to quote to supply and fit any soffits, fascia or cladding around its products.
  • We are always very happy to revise this quotation to suit your developing requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we can alter product choices, size, configuration and specification if required.
  • We do not carry out building work, as we fit to pre-prepared apertures. We are, however, very experienced in working with builders, architects and project managers, so please let us know if you would like us to speak to your nominated trades.
  • In most cases, Renka will carry out a technical site survey to determine manufacturing sizes and specification of all products required. At site survey we will also discuss any remaining queries, review issues such as final finished floor level and threshold requirements, and will agree any actions required in advance of product installation.
  • Customers may view a selection of products in our showroom as part of the sales process. Products supplied may differ from those displayed in our showroom – window profile dimensions and sliding door interlock depth may vary based on the size / shape / weight of panes and panels or location of the installation.
  • Our products generally benefit from a 10 year guarantee and are installed by our own trained, experienced, professional Installations Team members (with support from industry specialists if necessary). Glass units benefit from an industry-standard 5 year guarantee.
  • There are a wide range of glass options available, including solar control glass, laminated glass and self cleaning glass for rooflights. As standard, we supply double glazed toughened clear glass units which are argon filled with a low E coating. The thickness of the glass units will be determined by a combination of the unit size and project requirements.
  • Black silicon is used as standard during installation of our products. If a specific colour of silicone is required (other than black), please advise well in advance of our installation. This CAN be provided, but will be subject to an additional cost.
  • Having trickle vents in products is optional, but in some cases may be required by building control. Trickle vents will improve air quality in a room, and may help reduce condensation and minimise mould growth. The fitment of trickle vents in some window systems may require a head extension to be fitted that increases the depth of the head to house the trickle vents. Alternatives to trickle vents include using a heat recovery system, air bricks, or using windows with a night vent facility. Trickle vents are not included in this quote unless specifically noted.
  • Any requirements for emergency egress hinges or restrictors on windows should be advised to Renka. If not specifically requested, these may not be supplied.
  • Lead times cannot commence until Renka are in receipt of a signed Order Confirmation and deposit payment. In most cases, a quoted lead time will start on confirmation of final made sizes and configuration – whether this be confirmed by a customer / their representatives, or following a Renka technical site survey. Please do not book any following trades until all products are installed, as we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as lead times may vary.
  • Quotations are valid for 30 days
  • Our Privacy Policy in line with the data protection regulations (GDPR) can be requested at any time. We’ve also made it easier for you to understand the information we collect from you and why we collect it.
  • The information we collect about you will be added to our customer database and will be used to assist in providing you with a quotation and relevant product information as requested. We will then follow up with you using the personal information you have provided, but solely in respect of your enquiry. Your information will not be passed on to a third party, unless it is for the sole purpose of completing your quotation or order. Where we use third parties, we will make sure there are appropriate controls in place with them.
  • Keeping your personal information safe and secure remains a top priority for us. To find out more, please take a look at our updated Privacy Policy. At any point you can request that we remove your details from our systems. If you want us to do this, please e-mail