RFP-Fixed and shaped panels

Fixed (non opening) and shaped frames allow you to minimise the amount of frame on your windows and maximise the amount of light coming into your house.

All of our window systems offer fixed and shaped frames that allow you to have larger panes of glass than openable panes can support. Slightly less costly than opening windows, combining fixed panels with openable windows on your project can not only give a room a more airy and open feeling, but also help you manage that all important project budget.

 Go large and light with Renka fixed and shaped panels!

RFP Facts and Technical Details

Available in all window systems

Can support large panels of up to 6 square metres (systems may vary)

Minimal framing allows you to maximise light coming into your property

Shaped frames can follow contours / gables of property

Better thermal performance than openable windows

Can be used on interior and exterior of your property

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